A downloadable game for Windows

Find your way through unstable realities caused by an experiment gone wrong, and witness turkeys.

A short puzzle game made for Epics Mega Jam 2018.

WASD to move
Space to jump
Control to crouch
Left click to grab / throw
Escape / M to pause
R to reset to last checkpoint

Music: Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts 9 


Fragments.zip 318 MB


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Just finished playing through the game a few times! Loved it a lot! I'm new to this website so I don't know if this is the place to report bugs/issues? In the room where the turkey mentions the breeze, it's possible to get into the otherwise closed off lab room with the miniature maze if you shrink and clip through the lower left side of the door. You can easily trap yourself doing this lol. Although, I got an overheard view of the maze from this little trick and ended up solving it later with ease. In the maze itself, I dragged one of the green vials out with me and floated into the sky, which trapped me on a white screen, holding nothing, and unable to move.  At the place where you have to use the computers to run and jump, you just teleport someplace random if you walk through the doors to the back right side of room standing where you enter. If you do this holding a computer, I found myself on top of the maze. I wasn't sure if this was intentional, but I walked round and ended up on top of the various levels, able to see the layout of the entire map. I figured it wasn't intentional. 

This is such a neat concept for a game. I hope that y'all do something in the future with it!

This short game is super dope. I was really confused at one part and I have no idea what the turkeys mean but I enjoyed my time with the puzzles, the funky visuals, and freaky physics. Here is my Twitch playthrough.

Awesome and thanks! Glad you liked it :) I watched your playthrough and that of a few others and you're not the first to get stuck there. We know some things that we should've hinted at and there are few "totally intentional features" that we hadn't seen until after publishing xD
We actually fixed some of those issues, but we can't update our entry until after the contest (disclaimer: no guarantee we will do that).